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Electrical Drive Technology

First Choice Low Voltage Drive Systems for Variable Speed Operation

Siemens’ extensive portfolio of low voltage drive systems is the most complete and thoroughly integrated family of drives in the world. With a high level of flexibility, functionality and engineering comfort, our systems cover all performance levels — from simple frequency converter tasks and coordinated drives through to motion control tasks.

Our portfolio represents uniform engineering, extremely high efficiency and convenient operation.Siemens’ innovative design provides the right frequency inverter for every drive application. 

Our products range from basic drives with Sinamics V, flexible drives with Sinamics G, all the way up to complex motion control utilising Sinamics S

SINAMICS, the worlds largest drives family, is the backbone of out offer, but we also provide the Micromaster 420, 430, 440 and Masterdrive MC, VC ranges as like for like replacements.

We also offer the the versatile Compax3 solution drive and XL stepper drives from Parker Hannifin.

SINAMICS V – For Basic Drive Tasks

SINAMICS V devices have been designed for applications where basic drive technology functions must be quickly and conveniently provided at the most favorable price.

SINAMICS V devices concentrate on the essential both regarding the hardware and the functionality. This ensures superior ruggedness together with reduced investment costs for the user. Operation is performed directly on the converter, without requiring additional engineering tools. 

SINAMICS V has been especially designed for applications which do not require specific drive technology knowledge.

SINAMICS G: Converters for Basic to Mid-level Requirements

In industrial applications, the SINAMICS G converters can demonstrate their impressive technological functionality. They cover a power range from 0.12 kW to 2700 kW. Users benefit from a standardized and user-friendly operating concept that minimizes training and service requirements. And last but not least, the SINAMICS G range also represents unbeatable value for money.

Pumps, fans, compressors, conveyor belts, mixers, mills or extruders: No matter what application, SINAMICS G converters are perfectly adapted to single drives with basic to mid-level control dynamics requirements. The converters are based on the same platform as all other members of this innovative drives family

SINAMICS S: Converters for Complex Applications

SINAMICS S are designed for complex applications in mechanical and plant engineering as well as for a broad range of motion control tasks. Our portfolio covers a power range from 0.12 kW to 4500 kW, with products available in a variety of designs and sizes. All versions share a distinctive feature: an absolutely uniform engineering.

Whether for single-axis drives used for positioning tasks, for flexible and modular drive systems for demanding single- or multi-axis applications, or for motion control solutions, the SINAMICS S range from Siemens always offers the right solution.

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