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Integrated Motion Systems

Customer requirements are constantly changing in the marketplace. The challenges you face will be increasing year on year. For OEM's and End Users reducing your risk as a business, saving energy, minimising downtime and reducing engineering time are always at the heart of your requirements. To remain competitive, manufacturers often look towards technology and the latest innovations to enable their requirements while ensuring risk minimisation.

Integrated Drive Systems (IDS) or Integrated Motion Systems at HMK is a concept that brings together a suite of products that connect to each other and integrate not only to each other, but also to the control and automation system, all from a one stop shop. For example, a motor coupled onto a gearbox and a variable speed drive doing the control integrate together in a way that it seamlessly adds value.

Designing an IDS system means taking a step back to look at the bigger picture, listening to your needs and developing a solution that hits your unique requirements, your future needs and adds value way beyond just connecting components together.

IDS gives you more flexibility as the solution is viewed end to end rather than component by component, configured once and delivered as a package. The benefit for you is the reassurance that support on the system is a single phone call away. At HMK, we bring together all our years of  innovation and engineering expertise for the given application in order to make a difference to you, the customer.

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