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Siemens announce update to SINAMICS S120 Motor Modules

The S120 drive from Siemens and HMK is renowned for its reliability, flexibility and performance.  

Siemens have announced updates to the product that will see the drive platform stay ahead of the competition well into the future. 

The key areas of improvement are overload performance and physical size leading to a more compact solution with potential cost savings.

Overview of the available Motor Modules in booksize format C/D type:

• C type: Optimized for continuous load with up to 200% overload (continuous motion)

• D type: Optimized for highly dynamic, intermittent load cycles with up to 300% overload (discontinuous motion)

Devices in booksize format C/D type are optimized for multi-axis applications and are mounted next to one another. 

The connection for the common DC link is an integral part of the device. The device is internally air-cooled.

The Motor Modules in booksize format C/D type have been developed to be fully compatible with the booksize series regarding spare parts. The advantages of this new product include:

• The amount of space required beneath the Motor Modules has been reduced thanks to improvements in the design and a new motor plug connector

• With the new motor plug connector design, the brake conductors and the PE connection are integrated directly in the plug connector

• The motor connections on the Double Motor Module are located side by side, resulting in a significantly improved level of accessibility

• The fans can be simply replaced without having to remove the Motor Module

In October 2017, the existing format S120 drives will cease production, backwards compatibility will be achieved via the relevant new module and adapter cable.

We are pleased to advise that all current designs should now be migrated to the new C and D variants. Please speak to HMK directly for support in optimising your S120 solutions.

S120 New motor module technical data

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