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Integrated drive motor gearbox

Positioning systems for machines

Automation with positioning systems offers many advantages over non-automated format changeovers. Firstly, it saves an immense amount of time because production in the new format can begin shortly after the command is given instead of having to wait for the production technician to make the necessary changes.

Secondly, it boosts quality because it is possible to reproduce every format position with absolute accuracy –rather than with slight variations in precision depending on the production technician. 

Position correction also ensures that even if unwanted position changes occur, they are reset to the desired position immediately . 

Finally, halstrup-walcher positioning systems have self-analysis and early warning systems that support condition monitoring– and improve the availability of the machine still further

Our positioning systems for the adjustment of positioning and auxiliary axes all have one thing in common: they work accurately so you succeed quickly. Automatic, rapid conversion, fewer standstills, fewer rejects, simplified wiring and quick mounting drastically reduce your production costs.


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