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Sensors & Vision

Baumer are high-quality industrial sensors. Some of Baumer's unique precision sensing and measurement products include, Photoelectric, Proximity, Ultrasonic, and Laser sensors and well as force, measurement and vision detectors. 

Monitoring, positioning, sort, count - that is exactly what the sensors developed by Baumer do - maintaining the highest standards of quality, accuracy and compliance. Motion, speed and acceleration - controlling and regulating drives is the domain of the Motion Group. Measure, inspect, compare - to conduct complex quality inspections, modern vision systems detect millions of pixels and analyze the produced images just like the human eye.

Our high-performance product portfolio – from Baumer sensors to vision systems – with sensor resolution from VGA up to 20 megapixel, we offer the right components for a wide range of applications. We have photoelectric solutions for all detection applications in industrial automation. 

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