What is the peak torque profile?

300% rated torque for 300ms in 10sec

Can a Motor Brake Cable be connected to a SINAMICS V90 directly?

The Motor Brake Cable can be attached directly to the 400V version of the V90. The 200 V version requires an external relay to connect the motor brake cable. The relay must be connected via the setpoint cable for the SINAMICS V90 pulse train version and via I/O cable for the SINAMICS V90 PROFINET version. I/O cable is necessary for the brake control of the SINAMICS V90 PROFINET 200 V version, and for applications requiring additional DI/DO in addition to PROFINET communication.

Application Examples

SINAMICS V90 PN: Basic Positioner (EPos)

Basic positioner (EPos) is one of the two basic control modes for SINAMICS V90 Profinet version. In this Application Example, the basic application of the basic positioner (EPos) in SINAMICS V90 PN will be described.

The figure below provides an overview of the automation task.

Basic Positioner (Epos) in SINAMICS V90 PN





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