How do I change the positive motor rotation direction on a drive?

In the drive expert list set the following parameters in the order prescribed:

  1. p10 = [3]
  2. p1821 = CW or CCW
  3. p10 = [0]

Setting p1821 to CW (Clockwise) or CCW (Counter Clockwise) will change the positive direction of rotation. Positive direction is considered when looking at the motor shaft.

How can I release the brake on a braked motor from STARTER/SCOUT?

The brake can be released by one of the following methods:

  • In the drive expert list set p1215 = [2] Motor holding brake always open
  • Go to “Drive”->” Functions”->” Brake control” and select “[2] Motor holding brake always open”.

What are the reference parameters for?

The drive uses parameters p2000-p2007 to reference any relative values that are specified within the expert list. These parameter values represent 100% of their specified units. Values of 4000 hex for an integer or 40000000 hex for a double integer are used to represent 100% when actual values i.e. speed, are passed in a telegram.

Can I export trace files from STARTER/SCOUT to Microsoft Excel?

Yes. In the “Measurement” tab in the trace window right click on one of the recorded traces. Select “Export measurements”, create a filename and choose a storage location. Select the desired traces for export and click “OK”.

How can I review the previous alarms that are not currently active on a drive?

Go to “Drive”->” Diagnostics”->” Alarms history”


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