PSE 272 Positioning System

Positioning system with analogue setting of target value in a solid aluminium housing          with IP 65 

Special features

  • Solid aluminium housing with IP 65
  • Permits use in challenging environments
  • Release-input ensures high level of functional security
  • Positioning range with up to 15 rotations

The PSE 272 positioning system is a complete system consisting of an actuator and a closed loop with a torque of up to 5 Nm. The target value is predefined via an analogue signal. The position is measured via an absolute measuring system and up to 15 rotations are possible. A release-input ensures additional security during positioning. 


Catalogue excerpt / Data sheets

Data Sheet PSE 272.pdf

Nominal torque / Nominal rated speed
PSE 272/1: 1 Nm / 60 rpm
PSE 272/2: 2 Nm / 30 rpm
PSE 272/3: 4 Nm / 15 rpm
PSE 272/4: 5 Nm / 7.5 rpm
Default analogue target value
0 .. 10 V, 0/4 .. 20 mA
Positioning accuracy2% of positioning range
Output shaft8 mm solid shaft
Positioning rangemax. 15 rotations
Supply voltage24 VDC
Protection classIP 65




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