PSE 30_/32_-14 Positioning System

Positioning system with 25 W or 35 W power output

Special features

  • Galvanically separated supply voltages for control and performance electronics
  • Durable EC-motor
  • Extremely accurate positioning due to measurement of the position at the output side
  • Easy and low-cost mounting via hollow shaft
  • Bus interfaces simplify start-up and wiring complexity
  • Address may be set using the bus or an address switch (not for IO-Link)
  • Baud rate set via switch
  • Status messages retrievable via bus

The PSE 30_/32_-14 positioning systems are intelligent, compact solutions for the automatic adjustment of auxiliary and positioning axes comprising an EC-motor, gear, controller, measuring system and CANopen, PROFIBUS DP or Ethernet-bus interface. The integrated electronic control feature frees up the machine´s central control unit. No external motors, proximity or limit switches are required.
The absolute measuring system at 250 rotations eliminates the need for time-consuming reference runs and increases the efficiency of the machine. Direct measurement of the position at the output shaft ensures highly accurate positioning. The galvanically separated supply voltages for the control and performance electronics permit the implementation of an emergency shut-off function without interrupting communication with the control module.
Address and baud rate switches simplify start-up, even without the knowledge of the control software (not for IO-Link). The instruments can be mounted on a spindle using the hollow shaft without the need for an additional coupling. A holding brake (optional) holds the position even with no supply voltage.
Two bus connections are available for looping the bus signal (not for IO-Link). Set-up mode or manual positioning permits the connection of jog keys (optional, not for IO-Link).


Catalogue excerpt / Data sheets

Data Sheet PSE 30_32_-14.pdf

Data Sheet PSE 3210_3218-14.pdf

DesignHorizontal construction
Nominal torque / Nominal rated speed
PSE 301-14: 1 Nm / 210 rpm
PSE 302-14: 2 Nm / 100 rpm
PSE 305-14: 5 Nm / 40 rpm
PSE 322-14: 2 Nm / 150 rpm
PSE 325-14: 5 Nm / 68 rpm
PSE 3210-14: 10 Nm / 30 rpm
PSE 3218-14: 18 Nm / 17 rpm
Data interfaceCANopen, PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet, Modbus RTU,
Sercos, EtherCAT, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, POWERLINK, IO-Link
Positioning accuracy0.9°
Output shaft14 mm hollow shaft with adjustable collar
Positioning range250 rotations, not subject to mechanical limits
Supply voltage24 VDC
Protection classIP 54




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