What is the Internet of Things?

We breakdown the buzzword and explore the true meaning of the term IOT.

Customers don't buy the Internet of Things. Customers buy a solution to a specific problem, where Internet of Things (IoT) components are part of that solution.

This could be a well-known problem where the customer is actively seeking a solution or it could be longstanding problem that a customer didn’t realise could be fixed. An IoT solution typically requires an ecosystem of partners that spans from sensors to applications. HMK offer the complete package building on its extensive automation pedigree and partnering with ERP and IT specialists.

The challenge for any company in the Internet of Things (IoT) market is to define what problem it can solve and how much of the overall problem it can reasonably solve.

Our mission is bringing data from the physical world into the business systems that create value for its customers.

So, how does it work?

Our process consists of the following


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