Siemens SINAMICS S120

The flexible, modular drive system for sophisticated applications

SINAMICS S120 modular motion control drives are designed for high performance drive applications in mechanical and systems engineering. With Siemens high performance drive capabilities, you get a range of coordinated components and functions as a complete motion control drives package. Our motion control drives include high-performance single drives and coordinated drives (multiple-axis applications) with vector or servo functionalities hat allow implementation of customized high performance drive solutions. With SINAMICS S120 motion control drives, you get a high performance drive that is flexible and increases productivity.

The S120 range is split in to single axis 'AC/AC' and multi axis 'DC bus' hardware groups. The single axis products include CU310 and CU310-2 Control Units, and PM340 Power Modules. The multi axis products include Basic Line Modules, Smart Line Modules, Active Line Modules, CU320 and CU320-2 Control Units, and Single and Double Motor Modules.


  • The servo- and vector drive is the perfect basis for modular system and machine concepts
  • Innovative system architecture and digital communication options
  • Broad range of control modes
  • Integrated technology functions
  • Safety functions built into the motion control drives
  • Integrated Know-how prodecttion
  • Efficient engineering and quick commissioning with SIZER drive sizing and STARTER commissioning tools
  • Auto-configuration and auto-tuning of controls
  • Uncomplicated, integrated solutions using Totally Integrated Automation (TIA)
  • Integration of SINAMICS through to automation level
  • Integrated SINAMICS S120 web server
  • Extended range of formats from Blocksize through Booksize and Chassis up to the distributed mechanical design of the S120M, which does not have to be accommodated in a control cabinet

Typical Uses:

Whether it is a continuous goods transport line or synchronized and highly dynamic process, the high performance drive products from Siemens deliver every time and in many industrial applications including: 

  • packaging machines
  • plastic machines 
  • textile machines
  • printing machines
  • paper machines
  • lifting gear
  • handling and assembly systems
  • machine tools
  • conveyor technology
  • rolling mill
  • presses,
  • ship's drives 
  • drilling machines.

SINAMICS S120 – now with new Firmware 4.8:

The SINAMICS S120 converter system is provided with a new Firmware 4.8 extending the hardware support by the following devices:

  • The Power Modules PM240-2 in frame sizes FSD - FSF
  • The SIMOTICS S-1FG1 servo geared motors
  • System redundancy with SIMATIC S7-400H
  • The SIMOTICS reluctance motor

It provides the following new functionalities:

  • Cogging torque compensation allows improved control accuracy
  • Active dampening of vibrations with and without load encoder reduces wear on mechanical parts and increases the dynamic response
  • Safety Integrated functionalities (brake ramp monitoring with encoder, SIL 3 via Power Modules PM240-2)


Voltage and power ranges
0.12 - 5,700 kW 1AC 230 V, 3AC 380 - 480 V and 3 AC 500 - 690 V (50/60 Hz)
Control principle:
V/f open-loop control, Vector control with/without Encoder, Servo control with/without encoder
air and liquid cooling





What safety category are the drive safety functions rated to?

SIL2, Cat.3/PL d

How can I test and document the safety configuration?

By using a a script, the Safety Acceptance Test and associated documents can be efficiently executed/recorded. The latest script is available at:

In an emergency stop state I disable my line module at the same time as the drives. Is this the best/safest way?

No. The line module should be disabled when all axes have stopped moving. This allows for the line module to regenerate any excess energy that is produced by the motors stopping. A typical example would be to use a delayed safety contact to disable the module after the SS1 delay time has expired. 

What could be causing a  return value of 8090 for DPRD_DAT/DPWR_DAT?

The hardware ID may be incorrect on the LADDR input. The required ID is the one used by the telegram - not the ID of the drive. For Startdrive, this can be found in the device view by going to Properties > General > Telegram configuration > [device name] > Start address. For drives not configured with Startdive, this can be found in the device view byhighlighting the row of the telemgra in Device overview, then navigate to Properties > General > Hardware identifier.

I have a flashing green COM light on my Control Unit. What does this mean?

Communication from a master device is partially or yet to be fully established. Therefore, cyclic communication is not possible.


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