Neugart PLFE

Economy planetary gearbox

There’s no such thing as too short: The PLFE is our planetary gearbox with compact flange output shaft. You save more than a third of the space and benefit from a torsional stiffness that is five times higher than conventional products. Due to its standardized flange interface, it is especially easy to install. The integrated dowel hole provides additional secureness during fitting.

Available in three sizes: 64, 90 and 110


  • The compact miracle
  • Maximum torsional stiffness for precise drive solutions
  • Easy, reliable, and fast installation
  • The best of both worlds
  • For any mounting position
  • Precise gearing


Easy, reliable and fast installation

The standardized flange interface of the PLFE (EN ISO 9409-1) guarantees quick and easy mounting of the drive components, such as pulley, linear unit, or turntable. The integrated dowel hole provides additional secureness during fitting.

Five times higher torsional stiffness

The large diameter of the flange output shaft gives the PLFE a considerably greater torsional stiffness than an output shaft with feather key. You therefore get the most out of your drive solution.

The compact miracle

The PLFE is considerably shorter than comparable planetary gearboxes. Depending on the frame size, the installed length is up to 35% less than comparable conventional products.





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