Neugart PLFN

Precision planetary gearbox

The PLFN features a standardized flange interface for ease of installation. The straight-teeth precision planetary gearbox has been designed for the highest performance and torque. Its high tilting moment delivers the best performance even under the highest radial and axial forces.

Available in five sizes: 64, 90, 110,140 and 200


  • Standardized flange interface
  • Straight teeth for the highest torques
  • Maximized loads
  • Perfectly sealed
  • The compact miracle
  • For any mounting position

Standardised flange 

Fitted with an EN ISO 9409-1 interface, the PLFN precision planetary gearbox promises you fast and easy installation of the drive components like flange pinion, pulley, or turntable. The optional dowel hole provides additional secureness during fitting.

Maximized loads 

Thanks to its high tilting moment, the PLFN is particularly robust and withstands even the highest axial and radial forces. This advanced technology is intended for your complex applications, e.g. turntable or rack and pinion.

Maximized torque 

Thanks to its straight teeth, the PLFN is ideal for the highest performance. Its intelligent design delivers greater power than conventional planetary gearboxes




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