Precision planetary gearbox

The PSBN is the ideal combination of precision planetary gearbox and efficient bearing technology. It has been developed specifically for delivering the maximum performance at high speeds. Its helical teeth provide homogeneous synchronism and quiet running noise.

Available in sizes 70, 90, 115 and 142


  • Low heat generation at highest speeds
  • Helical teeth for enhanced quality
  • Particularly quiet drive
  • Perfectly sealed
  • For any mounting position
  • Lifetime lubrication for maintenance-free operation

Helical teeth for enhanced quality 

This is progress: The innovative helical teeth of the PSBN safeguard the optimal, homogeneous synchronism. Vibrations are minimized for greater workpiece surface and printed quality

The highest speed for the best performance 

Thanks to its low-friction bearing design and optimized lubrication, the PSBN operates with particular reliability and low heat generation – even in complex production cycles.

Particularly quiet drive 

Our Neugart-developed helical teeth save you money. The PSBN does not need expensive sound absorption measures on your machine. The value of the whole system increases as a result



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