Neugart WPLQE

Economy right angle gearbox

The WPLQE is our right angle gearbox with the square output flange. This makes it particularly easy to install for a wide range of applications, and its large tapered roller bearings also make it ideal for high radial and axial forces.

Available in three sizes: 64, 80 and 120


  • Optimized output bearing
  • Square output flange
  • Highest installation flexibility
  • The highest dynamics in multiple axis systems
  • Lifetime lubrication for maintenance-free operation
  • Precise gearing

Square output flange 

The WPLQE can be bolted directly to the machine without the need for additional intermediate flanges. The output flange with through holes safeguard the ease, reliability, and full accessibility of the installation.

Optimized ball bearings

Install your drive elements directly on the output shaft at the WPLQE – this saves time and money without compromising performance. Thanks to its large tapered roller bearings at the output, this right angle gearbox can also absorb large radial and axial forces.

Highest installation flexibility

You will get the most out of your gearbox: The WPLQE has lifetime lubrication and can be installed virtually anywhere for maximum flexibility




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