Motrona Tachometers & Frequency Meters

Universal Indicators and Timers for Frequencies, Speeds, Times and Machine Strokes

Multifunctional displays from motrona are used in automation and mechanical engineering in order to visualize, record, calculate or control frequencies, times and (in the case of dual-channel devices) sums, differences or ratios. This results in applications such as tachometer, speed meter, sum-, difference- or ratio-display, baking time display, industrial stopwatch or counter. With our digital frequency meters, we offer the right device for almost every industrial machine requirement. The devices process the signals of conventional incremental rotary encoders, sensors, light barriers, proximity switches or length measuring systems.

Motrona DX350 : touchMATRIX Digital Indicator (HTL)

HTL frequency counter, tachometer, speed counter with resistive touchscreen and multi-color graphic display (red, green, yellow). Digital indicator for incremental encoders or sensor signals.

  • Pulse input with format A, B, 90° [HTL], single channel as an option
  • HTL inputs for encoder and sensors with NPN / PNP or NAMUR switching characteristics
  • Input frequency up to 250 kHz
  • 3 control inputs for HTL / PNP signals


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