TOYO ESG2 Gripper

Compatible with TM Plug & Play

The ESG2 Gripper is designed in one piece with the driver and the body. With the supplied standard wire and flange for connecting the TM Robot's end module, creating plug & play aesthetics, saving time, and creating convenience. The software package can be downloaded below.


  • Maximum clamping force : 15N
  • Effective open-close travel : 30mm
  • Maximum speed : 150mm/sec
  • Repeatability : ±0.05mm
  • Weight : 0.4kg
  • ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 Flange Coupling


Gripping Force Max. gripping force 15N
Set value 5 stages (100 % - 30 %)
Position Open/close stroke 30 mm
Repeated accuracy ±0.05 mm*
Speed Max. speed 150 mm/sec
Set value 2 stages (100 % and 50 %)
Guide Selection Guide structure Linear guide
Allowable load (F) 500 N
Allowable pitching moment (MP) 3.7 N•m
Allowable yawing moment (My) 3.7 N•m
Allowable rolling moment (Mr) 5.9 N•m
Fingers Max. mass (1 pair) 50 g
Maximum gripping position (L) 60 mm
Overhang (H) 60 mm
Max. gripping mass 0.15 kg



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