Collaborative Robots

The TM Collaborative Robots are the first Cobot available with integrated vision as standard, allowing a true hand and eye intelligent solution.

With CE certification and extensively-tested safety systems, the robot features up to +/-0.05mm point repeatability and easy to use software and servo assist teach modes.

Solutions can be realised in minutes as opposed to weeks and the robots can operate without safety fences in co-operation with machine operatives.


Renovation of the user interface

You no longer have to face the difficulty of programming. The TM-Flow software has made each tool module graphical. Via the tablet, computer or smartphone, you can start to program the robot’s tasks. Meaning you can get started painlessly, learn quickly and build a real main-machine collaborative environment.

Your hands are the mentors

The TM Robot will execute its action in accordance with your route and position.

Effortless teaching, painless learning, and an easy start

The TM Robot is an innovative system with an optimised user experience and simplified programming process. In the fast information changing era, we hope that you can quickly grasp the latest technology and march with TM Robot toward the age of Industry 4.0.


Built-in intelligent vision system

You no longer have to face complicated visual components like before, nor waste the time spent in researching an unfamiliar robotic field. Now, all you need is a TM Robot, which can do everything for you.

A robotic vision model

The functions it provides include totem pairing, object position, image enhancement mode, bar code identification, and colour differentiation. These diversified functions have all been integrated in the control system of the TM Flow Robot. Only by setting the steps, you can design the robot’s tasks.

Complete visual pick & place teaching in 5 minutes

In combination with TM Robot manual teaching and the built-in intelligent vision system, you can complete pick & place teaching in 5 mins.


150N Force Limiting

TM robot complies with the safety requirements for collaboration of humans and robots as specified in ISO 10218. When the robot collides with an object and has been detected by the sensor, it will immediately stop to protect personal safety.

Building a safe and collaborative environment

The hardware & software have been tested numerous times in order to ensure that safety for TM Robot is the first priority under any circumstance.

Pressure-free operational environment

TM Robot has been built with innovative technology, integrating robotic control with safety monitoring. Accordingly, it has built an efficient and collaborative environment.


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