TM12 Collaborative Robot: 1300mm Reach & 12kg Payload

High Payload Series

Greater payload capability with increased reach

Featuring a payload capability greater than other collaborative robots on the market with a similar arm length, the TM12 and TM14 still remain, Simple, Smart & Safe. These robots are easy to operate and still offer rapid redeployment; reducing your automation and maintenance costs whilst increasing precision and production for various industries.

Built in vision system

The TM built-in vision system offers template matching, item positioning, image enhancement, barcode identification and colour categorisation. All these functions have been integrated into out remarkably easy-to-use user interface for simple programming.

Strong load function + wide work area

  • Achievable range: 1300mm
  • Load capacity: 12kg
  • Loading capability is greater than similar arm length collaborative robots on the market

Industrial application

  • Semiconductor industry
  • Panel industry
  • CNC industry
  • Others

TM Mobile Series: TM12M

The ultimate solution for integrating collaborative robots with automated transfer vehicles

The TM12M is applicable for mobile stacking and mobile Machine Tending. 

Highly flexible and compatible thanks to DC

TM Robot's high performance mobile series utilise an inbuilt DC20-60VDC supply, making them compatible with most brands of AGV/MR in the market today

Built in vision for precision positioning

By utilising the 'TM-Landmark', the mobile robot can orientate itself within a 3D space, like an auto datum sequence, to multiple machine surfaces. This allows the TM-M robots to operate between two or more locations seamlessly. This solution is optimal for mobile stacking and machine tending applications.

SEMI S2 certified

Now with SEMI S2 certification for the semiconductor wafer industry, making the TM the robot of choice for automation transferring applications between different work stations

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Starting the Robot in Safe Startup Mode

Safe Startup mode should be used when you don't wish the robot arm to move during it's initialisation in order to avoid a potential collision. The robot will boot without moving and then robot arm can be manually manipulated to avoid hazard.

Start with the Control Box powered off

Press the E-Stop button on the Robot Stick, then press Power button on the Robot Stick, the 3 status LED's on the Robot Stick will flash

Wait for LED ring on robot arm to blink in light blue, robot arm can now be manipulated manually using the Free button

(Note that servos will not be powered in this state and therefore manual manipulation will require more effort than normal)

To exit Safe Startup Mode, release E-Stop button on Robot Stick

My USB memory stick is not recognised

A USB memory stick can be used for import and export of objects such as programs, components and TCP

In order for the control box to recognise the USB memory stick you must ensure that it is configured as follows:

1. Device name must be set to TMROBOT

2. Device must be formatted with file system type NTFS

How Do I Update The Firmware On My Robot?

Step 1 – Format a USB as NTFS and rename it “TMROBOT”.

Step 2 – Copy the unzipped firmware onto the root directory of the USB.

Step 3 – Insert the USB into the robot control box and navigate to Settings > System Update.

Step 4 – A “.tmr” file present on the USB should be visible on this page. Click OK to start the update.

DO NOT remove the USB during the update process. When the update is complete the Robot will switch OFF. It is then safe to remove the USB and turn ON the robot.

Please note that a firmware update should be performed with a screen directly attached to the control box. 


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