Mechanical linear unit with two internal roller guides.

This unit consists of a rectangular aluminium profi le with 2 integrated roller guides. The linear motor DLVM unit is based on the principle of a linear, synchronous AC motor. The guiding profi le is fi tted with permanent magnets as stator (secondary part). The carriage is fitted with the actuator (primary part). 

The magnetic attraction causes a force between carriage and guiding profi le also in the absence of current. This force can be used for the initial tension of the bearings. Several carriages (primary parts) can be driven independently on one guiding profi le.

Fitting position: As required. Max. length 6.000 mm without joints

Carriage mounting: By T-slots. 

Unit mounting: By T-slots and mounting sets. The linear axis can be combined with any T-slot profile.

Carriage Support: In the standard version, the carriage runs on 8 rollers which can be adjusted and serviced at a central servicing position. For longer carriages the number of rollers can be increased. Repeatability ± 0,05 mm. Repeated accuracy max. ± 0,05 bis 4.000 mm, ± 0,1 >4.000 mm.

Repeating accuracy: ± 0.1 mm
Travel speed: max. 8 m/s



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