Partnership Spotlight: IMI-Bahr

Linear technology you can rely on



If you’re looking for linear technology you can rely upon – then look no further than IMI-Bahr.

IMI-Bahr was formed in 2022, when specialist engineering company IMI acquired Bahr Modultechnik- combining almost 200 years of engineering skills and expertise.

German company Bahr is recognised around the world as a market leader in the manufacture of modular positioning systems – producing the largest range of any actuator manufacturer. While IMI is a global engineering company which specialises in highly engineered products in fluid and motion control applications.

HMK has a long-history with Bahr and a partnership spanning 13 years, so we’re excited about the combining of two leading engineering companies and the opportunities this brings for our customers in the UK.

Gary Kitchin, Managing Director at HMK Automation, said: “Here at HMK, we only work with the most reputable manufacturers, who deliver the highest quality products and engineering, and the Bahr-IMI partnership is no exception.

“From pharmaceutical manufacturing to logistic handling, linear technology can be used in almost every industry to lever efficiency in automation solutions and Bahr has always had an industry leading portfolio of modular positioning systems.

“Having been the UK partner for Bahr for the past 13 years, we recognise that the union of Bahr’s innovative modular positioning systems with IMI’s advanced engineering capabilities, will benefit our customers immensely.

“This partnership not only solidifies the reliability and quality our customers expect, but also opens up new possibilities for advanced, custom-engineered solutions tailored to specific industry needs. Our customers can look forward to enhanced product offerings, improved service, and the cutting-edge technology that will drive efficiency and innovation in their operations.

“At HMK, we are perfectly positioned to bring our many years of motion control expertise alongside IMI-Bahr’s extensive range of innovative linear technology to deliver a fully integrated end-to-end solutions for our customers. It's an exciting time as we embark on this journey of growth and innovation together.”

Why choose IMI-Bahr:

  • Quality products optimised for straightness and stiffens utilising unique aluminium profiles
  • All drive technologies available including lead screws, ball screws, belt, rack and pinion and linear motors
  • Utilise a wide range of bearing technologies, ensuring an optimal solution
  • Actuators have motor mounting options for most servo motors including Siemens
  • Linear motors can be controlled from Siemens drive
  • Wide range of profiles sizes available from up to 200mm
  • Comprehensive range of mounting brackets and accessories
  • All units or systems tested prior to dispatch
  • Special carriage arrangements easily accommodated
  • Shortest delivery and turn-around times

Linear axes with linear motor drives are particularly suitable for applications with high accelerations and speeds, where high precision is required with a low load.

In linear motor axes, the carriage is propelled into a linear movement by a flat electric motor. As a result, these linear units boast lower space requirements and, at the same time, offer a number of advantages over other drive types.

Depending on the individual requirements, the Bahr systems are provided with ball screw drive, toothed rack drive, belt drive or linear drive. This coupled with the different bearing options ensures that an optimal solution can be selected from a single source.

Get in touch to find out more about the IMI-Bahr product range we can offer, alongside our engineering expertise.


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