With the SINAMICS converter family, you can solve any individual drive task in the low-voltage, medium-voltage and DC voltage range. From Siemens converters to motors and controllers, all drive components are perfectly matched to each other and can be easily integrated into your existing automation system. With SINAMICS you are prepared for digitalization. You benefit from highly efficient engineering with a variety of tools for the entire product development and production process. And you also save space in the control cabinet – thanks to integrated safety technology.

The Sinamics ranges are classified into two product families :-

1) Continuous Motion applications, traditionally referred to as "Inverter" or "Variable Speed Drives", where the motor does not stop intermittently. Examples of this are pumps, fans, conveyors and process lines.

2) Discontinuous Motion application, traditionally referred to as "Servo" applications. These are drives have to be more dynamic and are typically used in production machines and machine tools.

Most application involve a mix of both technologies and HMK is able to support you on the sizing and selection to suit your application.


The Drive Technology Configurator allows the easy selection of system components, click and give it a try.

Drive Sizing 


Find out how to size servo drives from first principles.
Authored over 17 years ago, this is still one of our most downloaded documents.




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