PxtRX for higher loads

While the PxtFX device is specifically designed for use in applications with repeat cycles of milliseconds to a few seconds and must be able to do this well over 100 million times over its lifetime, its bigger brother PxtRX is predestined for applications in connection with storage devices of higher energy density, such as double layer capacitors or batteries. The PxtRX is designed for a current load capacity of 30 ampere and 60 ampere peak for about one minute. In combination with a high storage voltage of up to 800 Volt DC, the device is able to generate a power of almost 50 kilowatts.

If this power is not sufficient for the application, several PxtRX devices can be connected in parallel, as can the PxtFX devices. Depending on the application, active energy management systems can thus be created that fill large control cabinets. Under the type designation KTS, Koch offers ready-to-connect complete systems in control cabinets. These include active energy management systems of the Pxt series, application-specific storages, the appropriate fuses, cabling and, depending on the storages used, passive or active discharging devices. One feature in particular helps the PxtRX in such KTS control cabinet solutions: It also works without problems with cable lengths to the DC link of up to 20 meters.



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