Pxt: Series of devices for active energy management of electric drives

Ten years of market experience and many years of development work have gone into the new devices with the designations PxtFX, PxtEX and PxtRX. They open up new possibilities for the active energy management in electric drives. They are characterised by a wide voltage range, independence from the manufacturer of the drive electronics, and a great variety of applications.

The applications are numerous, and they all build on the idea of temporarily storing the excess or necessary electrical energy largely independently of the grid. The choice of the storage media depends also on the application. For example, Koch uses special aluminium electrolytic capacitors for short and very frequent cycles, double-layer capacitor modules for higher energies and less frequent cycles, and batteries for rare cycles. The connecting part between the drive and the electric storage is the active energy management device or system. Koch has been active on the market with such devices since 2010. The new product series Pxt, which may also be pronounced "P times t" (equal to energy), now reaches a new dimension with significantly higher functionality.

PxtFX - for frequent, short duty cycles
PxtEX - for expanding the storage volume
PxtRX - for higher loads


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