Helical & Straight Toothed Racks

ATLANTA offer the world's widest range of quality racks.

As a specialist in the field of high-quality racks ATLANTA offer more than 600 types of racks. This is most comprehensive rack program that is currently available on the market. Racks are available in:

  • Quality 3 to quality 10,
  • Helical or straight toothed,
  • Milled, hardened, or hardened & ground,
  • Sizes from module 1.5 to module 12.

ATLANTA rack is supplied with a Data Matrix code, and by using the ‘ATLANTA4Customer’ App, this allows:

  • Rack mapping for the optimum layout to reduce total pitch error on your machine
  • Rack cloning – the ability to scan your rack, and ATLANTA will find the closest matching rack from their extensive stock.


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