The ideal solution for standard Motion Control applications

SIMOTICS S-1FK7 motors are permanent magnet excited synchronous motors which are available in the versions Compact, High Dynamic and High Inertia. The self-cooled motors are characterized by superior overload capability, ruggedness and compactness. The connection via rotatable connectors and preassembled cables ensures a flexible, fast and safe connection to the inverter.

Available in the torque range from 0.18 to 48 Nm, SIMOTICS S-1FK7 motors are the first choice when motion control applications must be resolved easily and economically.

SIMOTICS S-1FK7 motors are naturally cooled and have a very rugged design with degree of protection IP64 or IP65 (shaft exit optionally IP67). Because of their cross profile, the motors are quick and easy to install. The new mechanically decoupled encoder system has improved the ruggedness of the system and allows an encoder to be replaced in the shortest possible time. These advantages reduce installation and servicing times considerably.

S-1FK7 Compact (CT)

  • The universal motor for a wide range of applications
  • Space-saving installation through very high power density
  • Large range of motors in the shaft heights 20 to 100
  • Preferred types with short delivery times are available

S-1FK7 High Dynamic (HD)

  • The sprinter in the ramp-up time
  • Very high acceleration capability due to low rotor moment of inertia
  • For highly dynamic applications with low load moment of inertia

 S-1FK7 High Inertia (HI)

  • Docile control behavior with superior load inertia due to the high intrinsic moment of inertia
  • Reduced expenditure for controller optimization
  • Particularly suited for machine tools for feed axis applications requiring superior resp. alternating load inertia.



Static torque*

Rated speed*

Rated power*


0,18 - 48 Nm

2000-6000 U/min

0,05 - 8,17 KW

High Dynamic

1,3 - 28 Nm

3000-6000 U/min

0,57 - 3,77 KW

High Inertia

3 - 20 Nm

2000-6000 U/min

0,9 - 3,1 KW




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