Siemens launches new OID Selection Tool


Siemens has launched a new software tool to make it quicker and easier to select the correct lens and parts for their Optical Identification readers.

The new OID Selection Tool helps you to select the most suitable lens for your optical identification applications in just a few simple steps.

Along with the Lens Calculator, the software also contains a Parts Shop component, which can be used to generate a parts list with the configured camera system.

You don’t need in-depth camera knowledge to use the Lens Calculator. To create a configuration, you’ll just need to input the following information:

  • Approximate read distance
  • Code size
  • Camera resolution

You can also import an existing configuration in .csv format, and once a configuration is selected, you will receive detailed results on the application, including:

  • Adjustable working distance
  • Depth of field
  • Worst case pixel per module
  • Field of view
  • Minimum module size

Once you’ve got the correct configuration and parts list, the HMK Team can supply all the components directly, along with our engineering expertise.

Download the Siemens OID Selection Tool Brochure or get in touch to find out more.

Introducing the Vision System SIMATIC MV



The Optical Identification readers from Siemens provide flexible reading and verifications and are the key to digitization and transparency – ensuring complete traceability of products and components along the entire manufacturing, procurement and shipping process.

Benefits include:

  • A complete, scalable portfolio of high-performance and flexible optical readers – for both stationary and manual applications.
  • Fast and easy reading and verification of 1D/2D codes, optical character recognition (OCR) and object recognition.
  • Reliable identification on a wide variety of surfaces even under difficult ambient conditions
  • All devices can be easily integrated into the automation environment and offer a variety of options for communication and connection.


The Simatic MV series is available in different performance classes, and has flexibly selectable accessories and optional communication modules for connection to the automation system.

SIMATIC MV500 Stationary Readers

These are the high-end generation of optical readers from Siemens. The devices are characterized by high computing power, fast reading processes and increased reading reliability – even under difficult conditions.

An extensive portfolio of accessories for a wide variety of applications is available for the SIMATIC MV540, MV550 and MV560 readers.

The compact SIMATIC MV530 is already fully equipped and enables maximum reading accuracy and speed without additional parameterization by the user.

The device configuration via web-based management and integration in the TIA Portal ensure convenient project planning. The one-button configuration for network and read parameters makes the commissioning of SIMATIC MV500 devices particularly easy.

In addition, the large working memory (up to 2 GB) allows extended use of the AutoTrigger function, which makes it possible to save money when installing high-precision mechanical components in the system.

Find out more about Siemen’s Vision System range or get in touch.


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