Siemens and Neugart team up to launch new motor range

HMK’s two biggest partners – Siemens and Neugart – have joined forces for the first time.

Siemens and Neugart are our largest and longest-standing partners, having worked with both for more than 30 years, and now the two have teamed up to launch a new range of motors.

The SIMOTICS S-1FK2 NRB, NRK and NLC servo planetary geared motors for S120 and S210 are now available from HMK, along with the unrivalled level of expertise of our engineering team, who are the experts on both products.

Patrick Tongs, Sales Director at HMK Automation, said: “We only work with the very best suppliers and manufacturers who are leaders in their field and Neugart is the world leader for precision planetary gearboxes, manufacturing over 400,000 every year from their plant in Germany.

“We know that Neugart gearboxes are the best on the market, so we’re delighted that they’re now Siemens choice too – bringing together both our largest partners and some of the greatest engineering in industrial automation.

“Having worked with both companies for more than three decades, we’re the experts on their entire product portfolio, and we’re confident our customers will be just as excited about this new partnership and product range as we are.”

SIMOTICS S-1FK2 with the NRB, NRK and NLC gearboxes are highly dynamic, compact and cost-effective, maintenance free drive units, consisting of a 1FK2 servomotor in combination with selected planetary gearboxes for a wide range of motion applications in industrial environments.

The selected planetary gearboxes from Neugart include:

NRB - The NRB is the lightest gearbox with the highest power density. Thanks to its low-friction bearing design, it is suitable for high speeds where high radial and axial loads are not present.

NRK - With their large output bearings, the NRB series gearboxes are designed for higher radial and axial forces. These gearboxes are also suitable for higher speeds thanks to their low internal friction.

NLC - Thanks to the pre-loaded tapered roller bearing, the NRC gearbox is characterized by a high level of stiffness, making it ideally suited for high radial and axial loads. The IP65 sealing provides protection against dust and water.

All three can be mounted in any position without restrictions and are maintenance-free thanks to their lifetime lubrication. They are currently available for the SINAMICS S120 und SINAMICS S210 drive systems.

The above are just three gearboxes from the many in the Neugart range suitable for use with high performance servo motion. 

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