TAIT get glimpse into the future at Siemens tour

HMK customer TAIT has enjoyed a glimpse into the future of automation technology during a visit to the Siemens factories in Germany.

We took a team from TAIT – a worldwide specialist in entertainment automation and stage and set manufacturing – to two Siemens sites in Bavaria, Germany to discover the new technologies and innovations that are being created.

During the two-day tour, we visited Siemens digital factory in Erlangen, which produces SINAMICS S120 and S210 motion control drives, as well the Arena of Digitalisation at their factory in Bad Neustadt.

The Arena of Digitalisation showcases the latest digitalisation technologies from global tech-giant Siemens, enabling visitors to discover the potential offered by digitalisation in industrial manufacturing, which will help manufacturers deal with the challenges of constantly increasing customisation and product variation.

Ed Tate, Business Development Manager at HMK Automation, said: “Digitalisation is part of the future of manufacturing and the innovative digital tools and solutions being created by Siemens allow you to virtualise how something will work before you manufacture it.

“Digitalisation will revolutionise manufacturing – saving customers time, money and resources by getting the design right first time, so it was fantastic to be able to show the team at TAIT some of the technological advances that are being made in this area, so they could witness first-hand the advantages that using Siemens digitalisation technologies provide.

“TAIT is renowned for delivering awe-inspiring world-class solutions for live entertainment experiences, and here at HMK we’re proud to be able to supply the technology and expertise to facilitate their engineering solutions, so it was a real honour to be able to show them how and where these drives and control systems are manufactured and see some of the emerging technologies that are being developed.”

For more than 25 years, HMK has been an authorised distribution partner of Siemens, supplying their market leading products to HMK’s UK customer base.


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