Neugart unveils new powerful solutions for rack and pinion drives

The leading planetary gearbox manufacturer Neugart has extended its portfolio of planetary gearboxes to include pinion drives.

Neugart are a market-leading manufacturer of servo planetary gearboxes, manufacturing more than 400,000 gearboxes every year from their HQ in Kippenheim, Germany, and HMK have been the exclusive UK and ROI partner for more than 25 years.

Neugart has launched a planetary gearbox with a mounted pinion, which is available as a standard option, and is now being supplied to HMK customers alongside our engineering expertise. The pre mounted pinion saves customers time in selecting, designing and fitting.

Two specific types of pinion are available: the PK1 pinion is mounted to the splined output shaft of the gearbox, whereby the secure connection that is required is provided by internal teeth in accordance with DIN 5480.

The PM1 pinion, on the other hand, is designed for gearboxes with a flange output shaft, and is equipped with a standard mechanical interface to EN ISO 9409-1

Both types are available in helical for a higher force and quieter installations and the PK1 is also available with a straight cut. The pinions are available in modules two to five and with different numbers of teeth.

HMK’s experienced application team are on hand to assist customers in selecting the optimum solution for their requirements.

Ed Tate, Business Development Manager at HMK, said: “As the Neugart partner in the UK and ROI, we supply and support their market leading products to a range of customers in the OEM market, and this latest innovation from Neugart means even more solutions are possible with their leading planetary gearboxes.

“The rack and pinion drives used in many applications require gearboxes with a fitted pinion, so it’s an exciting development to see Neugart now including this additional option as standard in its portfolio of planetary gearboxes.

“Neugart’s planetary gearboxes are a popular product with our customers, so this latest advancement, combined with the expertise of the HMK workforce, will ensure we can facilitate an even wider range of engineering solutions for our customers and help them to achieve success.”

This latest addition to the range will make a wide variety of sizes and ratios possible with integrated pinion solutions for eight gearbox series, including an inline planetary gearbox with an output shaft (PLHE) and an output flange (PFHE) from the Economy Line, which include durable and powerful standard gearboxes with an outstanding price/performance ratio.

Two inline planetary gearboxes with an output shaft (PSN and PLN) or output flange (PSFN and PLFN) and right angle planetary gearboxes (WPLN and WPSFN) are available in the Precision Line, which represents the outstanding accuracy of precision gearboxes.

The numerous pinion/gearbox combinations ensure that not only can a solution be found for a wide range of applications, but usually several; the benefit of the higher torsional stiffness of the flanged gearboxes over those with an output shaft will deliver a more accurate machine.

If the design envelope is small, the designer can use the short gearbox with output flange or the right-angled precision gearboxes. If precision is key, the designer can opt for the greater accuracy and torsional stiffness of the precision gearboxes. On the other hand, economy gearboxes are a solution that is excellent value for standard applications demanding a reliable quality product.

Rack and pinion drives are typically used in machine tools, such as delivery systems, laser and plasma machines, wood and sheet metal processing machines, linear travel axes for robots and lifting systems.

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