BAHR Modultechnik work in a global environment. The wide variety of their partners, both nationally and internationally, and their different specialisations lead to comprehensive expertise within the company.  

Acting regionally, their production site in Germany – initially in North-Rhine Westphalia and since 1998 in Lower Saxony – forms the basis of BAHR's success. BAHR's products which are "made in Germany“ are considered a guarantee for quality. The company's certifications in quality management, environmental protection, clean-room capability and explosion protection also contribute to this.

BAHR have been a globally leading manufacturer of modular positioning systems for 25 years. Their sophisticated and practice-oriented linear technology is sold in more than 20 countries. Accurate and robust positioning systems are required in the most different industries from mechanical engineering up to medical technology. It must be possible to adapt these systems to the respective applications and product characteristics.

They manufacture quality products with wear-free aluminium according to their customers' requirements and are able to produce even small quantities at attractive prices. They offer a comprehensive range of accessories and spare parts for all their products. Short delivery periods, optimised production operations, continuous service readiness, qualified personnel, innovative products and continuous further development are the bases of their success.


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