Motion control at your fingertips with Siemens SIMATIC S7-1500



Discover what’s possible with motion control with the latest guide from Siemens on their SIMATIC S7-1500 PLC platform.

Siemens have produced a new overview – S7-1500 All About Motion Control – which provides a handy summary of what machine builders can achieve with motion control, along with easy-to-use short-cuts for accessing the information directly.

Nick Calow, Technical Director at HMK Automation, said: “If you’ve ever wondered what is possible with motion control in SIMATIC S7-1500 or perhaps struggled to find an FAQ or application example, then this great new guide from Siemens provides an easy to-use reference point for machine builders.

“HMK has been an approved partner of Siemens for more than 30 years, supplying their range of products and solutions to our customers, alongside our engineering expertise.

“When it comes to motion control, HMK are the experts, and our customers can benefit from the expertise of our engineering team, so whatever your drive and motion control requirements, we can help our customers to select the optimum combination of suitable products to address their specific application needs, and ultimately deliver success.”

The new motion control guides covers the following topics:

  • General information on programming
  • Diagnostics and communication
  • Safety in the Motion Control environment
  • General motion control functionalities
  • Synchronous motions
  • Hydraulics
  • Motion Control and Drive Technology
  • Motion Control Manuals
  • Integrated Engineering
  • Digital twin in the motion control environment
  • Applications from various subject areas like handling, packaging, metal forming, converting, wire processing, printing and Multi-Carrier-System

Download the guide below, or contact the HMK Automation Team for more information.



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