Keep up-to-date with machine data with the new IXON Report Generator



Remote machine monitoring just got even easier thanks to the new Report Generator from IXON.

IXON Cloud users can now receive essential data from your machines direct to your inbox with the Report Generator, which easily exports machine data into PDF reports.

HMK Automation is the official UK distribution partner for IXON - bringing their remote cloud-based solution for machine management to our OEMs and system integrators in the UK.

Nick Calow, Technical Director at HMK Automation, said: “This is another exciting new feature from IXON, which will enable users to automatically generate and send PDF reports to customers or service departments containing the latest machine insights and up-to-date operational information, such as up times or machine performance.

“IXON Cloud users have previously been able to collect machine data and view it in the dashboard on the platform, but the new Report Generator makes it possible to export collected PLC data into PDF reports.

“You can download the reports instantly, send them via email or direct to your stakeholders, so everyone can be kept up-to-date with any KPIs and metrics they need to be aware of.

“The Report Generator is a licenced add-on for IXON Cloud users, and as the official UK distribution partner for IXON, we’d urge customers to contact us to discuss their requirements.”

The reports can be easily designed in the IXON Studio by adding visual components with relevant KPIs and metrics, and you can also include both pre-build components and your own custom components.

Check out these example Use Cases to see how customers are using the Report Generator to their advantage:


Performance monitoring

The need: Service managers want to stay informed about the key performance measurements of their machines out in the field.

The result: With the Report Generator, you set up a report template once and have a performance report sent to your mailbox every morning, week, or month. Start your morning routine, quickly scanning your machine fleet performance, comfortably from your mailbox.

Machine record keeping

The need: When there has been a disruption of machine operation, it is good practice to keep a log of what happened and why to learn and prevent, or to advise people who used the machine incorrectly.

The result: Using the Report Generator, the OEM can create an easy-to-read PDF export (of PLC data), which they can use as a file with any incident report within their own systems.


Proof of regulatory compliance

The need: Some sectors face regulatory rules where the end user needs to prove their compliance. Take an air scrubber for example, where an auditor requires the farmer to hand over an output quality report on request.

The result: With the Report Generator you can create and share a report for your auditor on the fly.


Reporting as a service

The need: Machine builders may choose to offer periodic reporting on insights to their customers as a value-added service.

The result: With the Report Generator, the analyst can easily export the insights, using graphical representations that are simple to understand, without the need to extract and transform that data in additional tools.


IXON Cloud is the world’s first and only no-code Industrial IIoT platform, specially designed for the advanced machine manufacturer. It’s the most complete platform for the machine builder, allowing you to create your own IoT portal, connect machines, collect data, create alerts and remotely troubleshoot as if you were on-site – with just a few clicks.

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