New PSD direct drives out now offering even more benefits for machine builders 

Halstrup Walcher – the specialists in mechatronic drives and pressure measurement technology – have expanded their range of PSD direct drives with IO-Link – and they’re now available directly through HMK Automation.

HMK has been the official UK distribution partner of German-owned Halstrup Walcher for 15 years, supplying their range of mechatronic drives technology to our customers in the UK, alongside our engineering expertise.

What is a PSD direct drive?

PSD direct drives are mechatronic systems with integrated control, bus interface and absolute measurement system without battery, making them ideal for automatic format changeover.

The stepper motor with integrated control and bus communication permits higher velocities at lower torques. This closes the gap on servo drives with regulators.

PSD direct drives also offer a significantly more compact design and simpler wiring as they eliminate the need for an external controller – a cost-effective solution for format changeovers.

Why choose a direct drive?

A machine has to do a quick format changeover and reduce down times. With automatic format changeover, you benefit from significant time savings, improved quality, and a self-monitoring system which accurately detects unwanted changes in position. These are major advantages over manual adjustment using hand wheels. Other benefits include:

  • Compact design – ideal for slim machine designs
  • Maximum flexibility – the direct drives can be attached to the machine in any position
  • Simple assembly
  • Absolute measurement
  • Available with all commonly used bus systems

The new expanded range

Halstrup Walcher has expanded its PSD direct drives with IO-Link to include some useful software modules, so the drives can now be controlled quicker and more flexibly or used more effectively for applications such as tool changers or conveyor belts.

The IO-Link interface is a cost-effective alternative to the common date buses, as cheaper components can be used for the hardware of the drive and for the cabling.

With the new range, machine builders can eliminate transmission time thanks to the changeover of the parameter set.

Due to the lower baud rate, IO-Link is slower compared to the common data buses, meaning that control and feedback may also require longer transmission times, however with the new software module, you can completely eliminate these transmission times.

Instead of changing parameter values using slow acyclic commands (ISDUs), you can use set switching to activate up to four different parameter sets directly via two bits in the process data. These four sets each contain 13 parameter values that influence the drive behaviour (e.g. setpoint speed, acceleration, traction current). The set changeover command can be sent at any time and the parameter sets are stored in the device.

You can also now prioritise the processing of target speed in the process data. If your application requires a frequent change of the target speed, this can now be included in the process data, eliminating the need for acyclical access via ISDUs.

Plus, the new modulo function, enables infinite positioning without limits – offering significant advantages if the drive always operates in the same direction of rotation. This can be useful for tool changers, turntables or conveyor belts.

What do the HMK engineering experts say?

Dave Richardson, design engineer at HMK Automation, said: “Halstrup Walcher are the experts in positioning technology and custom manufactured drives, and are also the first drive manufacturer to supply integrated direct drives with IO-Link interfaces, which means our customers can create Industry 4.0-ready machines.

“Their PSD direct drives incorporate not only a stepper motor, but all the relevant sub-systems for automatic format changeovers. Whatever your application, whenever a new format is required, they can automatically move guide rails, tools or even inspection cameras to the correct position in the machine.

“We’re excited to bring the expanded PSD direct drive range to our customers in the UK, bringing German-made precision and innovation, alongside the engineering expertise of the HMK engineering team.”

Expanded range now available from HMK

The PSD direct drives are available in numerous variants: the maximum torque, IP protection class, connector orientation, and optional hollow shaft can be configured. The integrated stepper motors with Nema 17 and 23 flanges achieve speeds of up to 1000 rpm. This makes the direct drives ideal for frequent format adjustments in machines. In addition to IO-Link, they are available with CANopen, PROFINET and EtherCAT interfaces.

The latest range includes stepper motor, is available with integrated gearbox, up to 8Nm, hollow or solid output shaft, IP40 or IP65 versions, and supply voltage 24V DC.

Download the product brochure below or get in touch to find out more.

PSD Direct Drives Brochure


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