Electronic System Upgrade to Hydraulic Injection Moulding Machine

The project consisted of an upgrade to a hydraulic injection moulding machine using a rotary table. The customer; a leading plastic products design and engineering company, with 91 manufacturing sites in 24 countries employing more than 15,000 people, felt that moving to an electronic system would increase efficiency and improve accuracy.

HMK designed the system consisting of the following:

  • Neugart gearboxes
  • Siemens 1FK7 Servo motors
  • A single axis SINAMICS S110 motion system
  • S7-300 utilising PLCopen software control

HMK designed and built the initial panels, wrote the software and commissioned the machines on site to tune the new system to the old mechanics.

HMK overcame challenges of high backlash from fitting the new system to old mechanics by adding velocity profile smoothing

Numerous benefits to the customer were achieved, comprising of - Increased diagnostic coverage; high precision gearboxes coupled with Siemens servo motors, giving the customer greater accuracy; variability of control and increased reliability.

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