Mechnical Design

In engineering design the technical knowledge and design expertise of the designer are both key, and can only come from years of experience.

Yet also underpinning the design abilities of product designers is the software they use.

The choice of 3D modelling software is vitally important. It’s the core tool that is used in every day of every project required to create the design, and then to output the files needed for the creation of prototype models and parts of the final device, product or technology.

To help us deliver the highest quality design support to all our customers we have invested in 3D Solidworks technology. This gives us a powerful and accurate 3D simulation and design capability and the opportunity to collaborate with our customers’ designers and even reverse engineer projects.

We use SolidWorks for all our mechanical design projects. From modeling complex shapes to creating master templates of large assemblies, we deliver quality designs and the best in SolidWorks modeling.


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