How do I enable my line module?

For a non-DRIVE-CLiQ line module (power rating less than 16kw):

You must connect Pin 1 of the X21 connector to a digital input on your control unit. You must then set p864 from the expert list of each drive object to read the specified digital input. So p864 = Control_Unit.r722.X.

For DRIVE-CLiQ line modules (power rating of 16kW or above), the unit can be enabled either from a SIMOTION unit, or via PLC:


Use the system function block _LineModule_Control. For a detailed explanation of this function block, see


Use the SINA_INFEED function block from the DriveLib library in TIA Portal V14 onwards. The DriveLib library can be found at if not already installed. Documentation on the use of this function block can also be found here.


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