I am struggling to connect to a device. What are the potential issues?

Several issues could be the cause of this. A few typical causes are listed below:

  • Communication cable is unplugged/damaged.
  • Drive is in a boot up state.
  • Flash card is unplugged.
  • Installed hardware revisions are not correct.


  • Programming device has not been assigned in NetPro.
  • Correct communication path, Device/S7ONLINE, has not been selected.
  • Incorrect communication protocol has been set.


  • IP address on the programming device is not set to the range of the drive or is the same address.
  • Using an eWON connection.


  • Baud rate is set incorrectly.
  • Node address on the programming device is the same as the drive.
  • “PG/PC is the only master on the bus” is/is not set. This is specific for direct connection to a drive or via a routing method.


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