HMK to supply the new Siemens SIMATIC CPU


The CPU 317TF-2 DP is used in machines where a control with a large program memory coincides with high processing speed, motion control requirements and Safety Integrated.  For the first time it is possible to integrate these functions onto a single Simatic controller.

Typical applications include Palletizers, Carton erectors, Flying shears, Labelling machines  and simple gantries with interpolation.

The typical application for motion control functions is for 3-8 axes. The maximum number of axes is 32. Along with accurate single axis positioning, the module is suitable primarily for complex motion sequences such as coupling to form a virtual or actual master, gearing, cam, or print mark correction.

The Safety Integrated functionality is compliant with the relevant standards: EN 954-1 (up to Cat. 4), IEC 62061 (up to SIL 3) and EN ISO 13849 (up to PL e).

As a result of its capacity, the CPU 317TF-2 DP is ideal for the use of SIMATIC Engineering Tools, for example programming with SCL or step programming with S7-GRAPH. 


  • Motion, Safety and standard programming in one controller
  • High performance CPU
  • Direct control of drive fail-safe functions
  • Compliance with relevant safety standards
  • Cost saving through use of one integrated engineering package STEP 7

Product Overview

  • Failsafe SIMATIC CPU with integral Technology/Motion Control functionality
  • With full functionality of the standard CPU 317-2 DP and CPU 317F-2 DP
  • For cross-industry automation tasks in series machine, special machine and plant construction
  • Ideal for synchronized motion, such as coupling to a virtual/real master, gear synchronization, cam disk or print mark compensation
  • 3D path interpolation with different kinematics
  • Used as central controller in production lines with central and distributed I/O
  • Distributed intelligence in Component Based Automation (CBA) on PROFIBUS DP
  • With integrated I/O for high-speed technology functions (e.g. camming, reference point acquisition)
  • PROFIBUS DP (DRIVE) interface for isochronous connection of drive components
  • One common S7 user program for control and motion control tasks (no additional programming language necessary for motion control)
  • "S7-Technology" option package required
  • "S7 Distributed Safety" option package required







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