Innovation & Cost Savings from Neugart's Planetary Gearboxes

HMK, the UK's leading supplier of Planetary Gearboxes, is working with our partner, Neugart, to offer you the latest innovative products available in the market place, all at extremely competitive prices.

Read on to discover the innovation, product range and benefits available from us. For more information on our highly competitive prices please call us on 01260 279 411 or email us at


Neugart turns the corner with its new right-angled hollow output gearbox. Ideal for applications where services need to pass through the gearbox output or where close coupling of the load is beneficial.

Neugart challenges the competition by developing a repackaged version of its highly successful PLE/WPLE ranges to be a drop in replacement for the popular LP and LPK ranges. The PLPE and WPLE offers customers all of the benefits of using Neugart without the cost of redesigning.

Neugart has established that an application requiring high radial load capacity does not necessarily require low backlash. Traditionally these two have been inseparable and attracted a cost premium. Neugart has released the PLHE offering higher load capacity bearings and standard servo gearing at an optimal price.

Extensive Range (click here for details)

Flange faced inline

High performance, low backlash, high radial load, Inline/right angled versions

High radial load capacity with standard gearing

Drop in alternative to LP and LPK

Multipleshaft and flange options - keyway, splined

Options for food industry - IP65, ATEX

Reduced backlash to less than 1 arc minute

Availability - extensive stock profile at HMK, 48 hour rapid build option


HMK has 30+ years of experience, we can help cost optimise your solution

German manufactured, fit and forget quality to ISO 9001

Extensive range as standard, gearboxes to match your requirements

Free gearbox sizing software (NCP), with standard application templates

Downloadable 3D/2D gearbox model online to suit your motor


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