New version of Simotion SCOUT v4.2 SP1 released

A new version of the Simotion SCOUT Engineering platform has recently been released.  V4.2 SP1 incorporates the following important innovations: 

Connection to S120

Configuration of axes using Sinamics S120 has been simplified by the use of symbolic connections.  Message frames and telegram addressing are assigned automatically. 

Project Comparison

This has been expanded to cover LAD, FBD and MCC in addition to ST.  This allows a graphic representation in both offline and online modes. 

Improved Lists

Operation of lists including copy and paste functions has been unified, and is brought into line with the look and feel of Office applications. 

System Trace and Technology Object Trace

It is now possible to perform system trace across multiple Simotion controllers when connected on a PROFINET IRT network.  This allows the synchronous recording of up to 128 channels.  In addition the Technology Object trace has been improved to allow real-time recording of events. 

New Watch Tables

Improved watch tables allow extended functions and diagnostic options. 

Convenient Programming

The extended use of tool tips and auto-complete, along with support for case sensitive variable naming, ensures a more user friendly programming interface. 

Support for new Hardware

Support for the new D445-2 DP/PN and D455-2 DP/PN high performance Simotion D CPU’s. 

Simotion SCOUT v4.2 SP1 is now available :- 

6AU1 810-1BA42-1XA0      SCOUT V4.2 SP1 DVD

6AU1 810-1BA42-1XE0      SCOUT V4.2 SP1 Upgrade DVD

6AU1 810-1CA42-1XA0      SCOUT Stand-alone V4.2 SP1 DVD

6AU1 810-1CA42-1XE0      SCOUT Stand-alone V4.2 SP1 Upgrade DVD


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