Mechanical linear unit with external roller guide for higher speed

This linear unit consists of an aluminium hollow section with integral, parallel ground and hardened steel guide rods. The carriage has play-adjustable ball-bearing rollers which engage with the guide rods. The rotating trapezoidal/ballscrew causes linear motion of the ballnut, which is connected to the carriage. 

The slot necessary for this is covered by a stainless steel strip, making the unit dust and splash-proof. Lateral adjustment of movement for parallel units, or when two carriages are mounted on one unit, is provided by the ballnut mounting.      

Fitting position: As required, max. length 3.000 mm 

(EL 30 / max. 1500 mm, EL 40 / max. 2000 mm)

Carriage mounting: By T-slots and tapped holes

Unit mounting: By T-slots and tapped holes in the mounting surfaces.

Repeating accuracy:
Trapezoidal thread: ± 0.2 mm
Ball screw: ± 0.025 mm



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