Atlanta High-Performance Screw-Jacks

Precise linear positioning and high dynamic performance

High-Performance Screw-Jacks offer precise linear positioning, high dynamic performance with very high force capacity. The Atlanta servo gearbox allows input speeds to 5000rpm and when combined with a precision Ballscrew linear speeds of up to 550mm/s can be achieved. Ballscrew diameters up to 80 mm with load capacities up to 100kN, make this actuator the weapon of choice for applications where a robust product with a long service life are required. For higher load capacities, multiple jacks can be used in tandem to share the load with full electro-mechanical solutions available from HMK.

These screw-jacks are available in four sizes with rotating ballscrews and translating nut, or lifting cylinder design. Both designs can be used with 100% duty cycles. The ballscrew spindles can be protected against contamination by bellows or protective tubes. 

The following are typical features of our HS High Performance Screw Jack

  • 4 sizes: HS10, HS25, HS50 and HS100
  • Load capacity: 5 to 100 kN
  • Design version with ball screw spindle drive, with increased
    loading rating: rotating spindle, non-rotating spindle, lifting cilinder.
  • Ball-screw drives with axial play 0.03mm, possible without play
  • Circumferential backlash basic gearbox <12 arcmin
  • Input speed up to 5000 min-1
  • Linear speed up to 550mm/s
  • Duty cycle: up to 100%
  • Operating with three-phase AC and servomotor

Applications requiring precise, controlled linear motion with high dynamic performance are perfect for these drives. Typical applications include sheet metal bending, hydraulic cylinder replacements, conveyor tensioning, and lifting table drives. Industries served include Material Handling, Automation and Automotive.

If you have an application, contact HMK for our engineers to review.

Alternative unit styles are available, including lifting cylinder and rotating spindle:

Lifting Cylinder

Rotating Spindle


SizeMaximum Travelling SpeedSpindleSpindle SizeMaximum Load at Travel
HS10555 mm/sball-screw spindleup to 32 x 20 mm10 kN
HS25555 mm/sball-screw spindleup to 40 x 20 mm25 kN
HS50440 mm/sball-screw spindleup to 63 x 20 mm50 kN
HS100330 mm/sball-screw spindleup to 80 x 20 mm100 kN








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