Atlanta Standard Screw Jacks

ATLATNA Standard Screw Jack Gearboxes are a favourably priced alternative especially for use in applications with infrequent lifting operations and medium lifting speeds or driving power.

Advantages of screw jack gearboxes with trapezoidal thread spindles and nuts as compared to other systems are, among others, their inherent statical self-locking capacity, when the drive comes to a standstill, and the extremely low maintenance requirements.

The following are typical features of our Standard Screw Jack Gearboxes:

  • 6 sizes: TS2, TS5, TS10, TS25, TS50 and TS100
  • Load capacity: 2 to 100 kN
  • Design version with trapezoidal spindle drive: rotating and non-rotating spindle drive
  • Linear speed: up to 25mm/s
  • Duty cycle: up to approx. 30% (depending on load)
  • statistically self-locking
  • Operating with three-phase AC motor

Versions of ATLANTA TS-Standard Screw Jack

TS-Standard Screw Jack Gearbox with rotating spindle drive

  • Trapezoidal nut performs the lifting motions
  • Trapezoidal spindle with different running nuts
  • Motor flanges and couplings for three-phase AC motors

Wide range of accessories:

  • Bellows
  • Flange-nut swivel bearings
  • Pivot lugs
  • Swivel bolt
  • Mating bearing flange for higher strokes

TS-Standard Screw Jack Gearbox with non-rotating spindle drive

  • Trapezoidal spindle performs the lifting motions
  • The spindle moves through the gearbox
  • Motor flanges and couplings for three-phase AC motors

Wide range of accessories:

  • Fixing flang
  • Fork link
  • Swivel head
  • Spherical plain bearing rod head
  • Bellows
  • Square protective tube
  • Twisting protection
  • Inductiv and mechanical limit switches
  • Pivot lug
  • Swivel bolt


 Size  Maximum Travelling Speed Spindle Spindle Size Maximum
Load at Travel
TS2 25 mm/s trapezoidal spindle 14 x 4 mm 2 kN
TS5 25 mm/s trapezoidal spindle 18 x 4 mm 5 kN
TS10 25 mm/s trapezoidal spindle 20 x 4 mm 10 kN
TS25 25 mm/s trapezoidal spindle 30 x 6 mm 25 kN
TS50 25 mm/s trapezoidal spindle 40 x 7 mm 50 kN
TS100 25 mm/s trapezoidal spindle 60 x 9 mm 100 kN



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