Siemens SINAMICS G120

The modular inverter – space-saving, safe and robust

With the second generation SINAMICS G120, Siemens presents a modular inverter with higher power density and a space-saving frame size.The redesigned inverter series is now available in three voltage variants for connection to 200 V, 400 V and 690 V power supply networks.

Its modular design and wide range of power ratings extending from 0.55 kW up to 250 kW always ensures that you can configure the optimum inverter for your particular application. What is also clear: With the SINAMICS G120, you benefit from the wide range of possibilities that its modular design offers – including remaining flexible, saving costs thanks to the reduced spare part stocking, for example. And all of this is complemented by the high degree of user-friendliness – from installation through to maintenance. SINAMICS G120 is part of the comprehensive family of SINAMICS drives.

Power Modules:

Consists of two power modules

  • PM240-2:The Power Modules have a braking chopper (four-quadrant applications) and are suitable for a large number of applications in general machinery contruction.

  • PM250: The Power Modules are suitable for the same applications as the PM240 Power Modules. Any braking energy is directly fed back into the line supply (four quadrant applications - a braking chopper is not required).

Control Units:

Controlling of the motor according to the various control procedures is executed via the control unit. Apart from the control unit, further functions are available which can be adjusted by parameterization to the corresponding application. In the case of SINAMICS G120, several control units are available in various designs.

  • CU240E-2 series - for standard applications in general machinery.
  • CU250S-2 series - for performance applications in general machinery.
  • CU230P-2 series - the specialist for pumps, fans and compressors.


In addition the G120 can also be combined with a number of supplementary system components.

  • Basic Panel (BOP-2) - The simultaneous representation of parameter and parameter value as well as parameter filtration make the basic start-up of the drive extremely user-friendly, and in most cases you don´t need to see a printed list of parameters.
  • Intelligent Panel (IOP-2) - Color display, new functions and an even more functional design – with its new IOP-2. The new low-profile operator panel design and the integrated membrane keypad with a central control field are some of the features that really stand out.
  • Memory Cards - The parameter settings for an inverter can be stored on the memory card. Parameter settings can be written from the memory card to the inverter or saved from the inverter to the memory card


Voltage1/3AC 200 … 240 V +/- 10 %
3AC 380 … 480 V +/- 10 %
3AC 500 … 690 V +/- 10 %
Power Range0.55 kW – 250 kW (LO)
Degree of protection
Environmental class
Class 3C2, (3C3 with SIPLUS)
Ambient temperature0 to 50°C
EMCAccording to IEC 61800-3 up to Category C2
StandardsCE, UL, cUL, c-Tick
Safety TechnologySafety Integrated: STO (SIL 3, PL e, Kat. 3), SS1, SBC, SLS, SDI, SSM, PROFIsafe
CommunicationPROFINET, PROFIBUS, USS, Modbus, Ethernet IP, BACnet
Control procedureU/f, Flux Current Control, vector control with and without encoder
FunctionsBasic positioning function with Epos, regenerative capability through efficient infeed technology (Power Modules PM250 only), PROFIenergy, PROFIdrive





What safety category are the drive safety functions rated to?

SIL2, Cat.3/PL d

What could be causing a  return value of 8090 for DPRD_DAT/DPWR_DAT?

The hardware ID may be incorrect on the LADDR input. The required ID is the one used by the telegram - not the ID of the drive. For Startdrive, this can be found in the device view by going to Properties > General > Telegram configuration > [device name] > Start address. For drives not configured with Startdive, this can be found in the device view byhighlighting the row of the telemgra in Device overview, then navigate to Properties > General > Hardware identifier.

How can I review the previous alarms that are not currently active on a drive?

Go to “Drive” > ”Diagnostics” > ”Alarms history”

What is the difference between OFF1, OFF2 and OFF3?

OFF enables are the three main enables that exist in the drive. By individually removing them they are differentiated in the following way: 

  •  OFF1 – Speed setpoint = 0 and the drive brakes the motor along the configured deceleration ramp (p1121). 
  • OFF2 – Pulses are immediately supressed and motor will coast to a stop. If there is a holding brake, then this will be engaged straight away. 
  • OFF3 – Speed setpoint = 0 and drive is braked along the OFF3 ramp (p1135).

How do I change the positive motor rotation direction on a drive?

In the drive expert list set the following parameters in the order prescribed: 

1. p10 = [3] 

2. p1821 = CW or CCW 

3. p10 = [0] 

Setting p1821 to CW (Clockwise) or CCW (Counter Clockwise) will change the positive direction of rotation. Positive direction is considered when looking at the motor shaft.


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