SIMOGEAR Helical Geared Motors

Helical geared motors are the conventional solution for your drive application. In many cases, helical geared motors represent the most cost-effective solution for your drive task.

The New SIMOGEAR range is designed around industry standard dimensions as a 'drop in' replacement for competitors gearboxes.

When developing SIMOGEAR geared motors, significant emphasis was placed on achieving the highest possible energy efficiency. Using the plug-on pinion principle in the first SIMOGEAR gearbox stage, higher transmission ratios are achieved when compared to gearboxes with slip-on pinion. 

This means that frequently instead of 3-stage gearboxes with an efficiency of approx. 94 %, 2-stage helical and parallel shaft gearboxes with a high efficiency of > 96 % can be used.


  • High gear ratios (shank pinion)
  • Very economic performance
  • Very energy efficient (efficiencies of 98% per stage)
  • High power range

Mechanical construction

  • Stages: 1, 2 and 3
  • Mounting: foot and flange-mounting version
  • Shaft: solid shaft

Typical applications

  • Conveyor belt
  • Transport of packaged goods
  • Vertical conveyor


Helical Geared Motors

Gear Title

E39…E149 (1-stage)
Z19…Z189 (2-stage)
D19…D189 (3-stage)


7 (1-stage)
13 (2-/3-stage)

Torque Range [Nm]



1,29 … 9,76 (1-stage)
3,40 … 57 (2-stage)
28 … 328 (3-stage)
248 … 31.284 (multi-stage)

Motor Power Range [kW]




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