Siemens SINAMICS G110M

The distributed inverter for SIMOGEAR geared motor

Distributed SINAMICS G110M inverters belong to the SINAMICS G series. The distributed inverter in a high degree of protection (up to IP66) has a modular design, comprises a Control Unit and Power Module – and is designed to be used as an inverter integrated in SIMOGEAR geared motors.

Benefits to the G110M

Fast commissioning

  • The ready assembled and commissioned inverter can be ordered as an option for SIMOGEAR geared motors
  • Transmission of 24 V DC and 400 V AC and communication – no T connections required
  • Internal braking resistors – typical applications can be implemented without external braking resistor

Full functionality

  • Integrated safety functions (STO local via F-DI or via PROFIsafe)
  • Integrated communication: USS, Modbus, PROFIBUS, PROFINET (Ethernet IP), AS-Interface
  • Basic PLC functionalities
  • Integrated, specific software functionality (quick stop and limit switch logics) for conveyor applications
  • Repair Switch disconnects the inverter from the main voltage

High degree of flexibility

  • Using the same software tools (STARTER / Startdrive) as all SINAMICS drives
  • Fully integrated in Totally Integrated Automation, Totally Integrated Automation Portal and Integrated
  • Wall Mount kit for mounting the inverter close to the Motor

Fast commissioning on site

  • Local commissioning via DIP switch and potentiometer, memory card, USB interface or Intelligent Operator Panel Handheld
  • Plug-in I/Os and communication; optional plug-in connections for 24 V DC and 400 V AC
  • Uploading, storing and cloning of parameters with memory card or Intelligent Operator Panel Handheld

Typical Uses

SINAMICS G110M is suitable for the open-loop and closed-loop control of induction motors in a wide range of industrial applications. It is predestined for conveyor systems, where individual drives are distributed over a wide area. The inverter is also suitable for standard applications, e.g. to drive pumps, fans and compressors.


SINAMICS G110M – two setup options

SIMOGEAR geared Motors with motor-integrated SINAMICS G110M are the perfect solution for all conveyor technology related challenges.  

SINAMICS G110M - can be optimally adjusted to all requirements

Repair switch

With the optional maintenance switch, the SINAMICS G110M can be easily separated from the power supply at the input side. The maintenance switch can be locked, which prevents accidental switch-on.

With the wall mounting kit, the SINAMICS G110M can be installed close to the motor within the application and thus be flexibly adjusted to the local conditions.

24V DC power supply

The optional 24 V DC power supply allows to supply the internal electronics directly with 24 V DC. The external cabling for the DC 24 V supply is no longer required, only the mains supply needs to be connected.

Voltage and power range:
3AC 380 V - 480 V +/-10% - 0.37 kW up to 4 kW

Closed-loop control modes:    U/f control, FCC (closed-loop flux-current control), sensorless vector control
Degree of protection:
Up to IP66

Inputs, Outputs:4 digital inputs (1 fail-safe digital input can be optionally parameterized)
Analog inputs (U/I switchover, can optionally be used as digital input [10V])
2 digital outputs




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