SIMOTICS 1FK2 Servo Motors

The SIMOTICS S‑1FK2 servomotors are compact and highly dynamic synchronous motors for a wide range of uses in an industrial environment. They are characterized by high power density, degree of protection and overload capability.

SIMOTICS S‑1FK2 High Dynamic motors

Highest dynamic response through low inertia for highly dynamic applications with low moved masses.

SIMOTICS S‑1FK2 Compact motors

Precise, stable control with medium to high masses to be moved with medium moment of inertia.


The SIMOTICS S‑1FK2 servomotors fully exploit their strengths in the system with the SINAMICS S210 converter:
  • Short adjustment and positioning times
  • Quick and precise compensation of disturbances
  • Stable closed loop control with high dynamic response
This is achieved by:
  • Rapid control cycle
  • High pulse frequency
  • Complex rule algorithms
  • High-resolution optical encoder with fast scanning
  • Low moment of inertia of the motors
  • High overload capability

The SIMOTICS S‑1FK2 are available with 2 different connection systems:

  • For SINAMICS S210 as a one-cable connection (OCC) solution for power and signal
  • For SINAMICS S120 as a two-cable connection solution with M17 signal connector for DRIVE-CLiQ 


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