Siemens SIMOTICS 1PH8 Main Motor

A New Generation of Main Drives

1PH8 motors have been especially designed for use as main drives in production machines and machine tools. These motors are available as asynchronous and synchronous versions. Based on a flexible modular kit system, the suitable 1PH8 motor can be found for nearly all drive tasks.

SIMOTICS M-1PH8 Main Motors – the most dynamic motors for mechanical and plant engineering applications – are characterized by

  • Broad performance spectrum
  • Excellent performance properties
  • High compactness, superior ruggedness
  • Reduced noise emission
  • User-friendly and flexible cables and connections

1PH8 Main Motors are squirrel cage motors covering a particularly broad performance spectrum.

Design A Drive Solution With SIZER

System-based, straightforward engineering

The SIZER for Siemens Drives engineering software decisively simplifies the engineering of low-voltage drive systems: Starting from your application, the tool supports you step-by-step when defining the mechanical system as well as when selecting and dimensioning converters, motors and gear units. The tool also allows additional system components to be configured along with the open-loop/closed-loop control.

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