Atlanta Lubrication Systems

To ensure consistent accuracy of the drive system over the years, an adequate lubrication is needed. Manual lubrication is often unreliable and very costly. 
Lubrication systems, developed by ATLANTA for rack and pinion drives, are based on the grease gun principle. An electronic lubricator transforms the lubricant to a felt gear. 
The dosage can be adjusted individually by a micro switch. This ensures that a permanent, thin lubricating film is present on the tooth flanks. This will provide a metal-to-metal contact, which pulls the damage off the teeth and thus off the rack and pinion drive. The ATLANTA lubrication system is a permanent and controlled lubrication of your drive, guaranteed.

Electronically controlled lubricator

Technical Data:

  • Lubricator, ready for mounting with accessories
  • 2 sizes: 125cm³ and 475cm³
  • Design version with and without special grease
  • Lubricants: Klüber Microlube GB0 and Structovis AHD
  • Operating: batteries or external power supply
  • Individually desired dosage, adjustable by micro-switch
  • optional with electr. Detection of end position
  • Extensive accessories for reffiling
  • Felt gear and mounting shaft module 1 - 12
  • Helical and straight tooth system

Micro-switches for dosage control:

After starting the operation, a nitrogen gas is generated electronically which by means of a highly functional construction moves a piston causing the grease filling of 125 cm3 resp. 475 cm3 to emerge uniformly (not pulsating) at a constant pressure set to the desired dosage. Depending on the individual requirements, an emptying time of 1-2-3-6-12 or 18 months can be set by means of a micro-switch. It is possible to adjust the grease quantity even after starting the operation by changing the micro-switch position accordingly

Accessories for the Lubrication System:

  • Assembly wrench and mounting insert for the refilling
  • Felt gear and mounting shaft in module 1 - 12
  • For helical and straight tooth system
  • Nitrogen pressure chamber
  • Hose-connection set
  • Non-return valve
  • Sliding-type lubricating brush


When lubricating rack and pinion drives by means of a felt gearwheel and electronically controlled lubricator the optimal grease supply can be seen from the diagram below:


A toothed-rack gear unit m=2 with a travelling speed of v=1.5m/s shall be lubricated with an electronically controlled lube dispenser via a felt gearwheel with Klüber Structovis AHD. The following parameters are to be considered:
- The grease supply from the lube dispenser to the felt gearwheel runs through a hose which is 600 mm long.
- The lube dispenser shall be synchronised with the machine.
- Ambient temperature 10°C.

According to the grease dosage diagram for felt gearwheel lubrication, the dosage for this type of drive is approx. 0.35 cm 3 of grease. The actually needed amount of lubricant, if the described parameters are considered, can be calculated as follows:

0.35 x 1.16 x 1.25 x 1.5 = 0.76 cm³

According the chart „setting combinations for lube dispensers“ (see operating instruction for ATLANTA lubrication system BKI 102) the lubricant quantity of 0.7 cm³ will be chosen by DIP switch position no. 4.

Magnetic sensor for empty condition. Besides the possibility to operate the lubrication system via an external power supply, by powering a magnetic sensor it is possible to send a message of the end position (empty condition). A yellow LED will be sent directly to the sensor or externally to a signal transmitter of your control unit.



Lubricating System & Accessories PDF:

CAD Drawings for the Atlanta Lubrication System:


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